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Albatrellus peckianus (Cke.) Niemalä
Xanthoporus peckianus (Cke.) Niemalä, collected from San Gerardo de Dota, San José, Costa Rica. [Photo & collection credit: Roy E. Halling, through NSF grant DEB-997207]

Xanthoporus peckianus is a member of the order Polyporales, and was sequenced as part of the 1000 Fungal Genomes Project. In the 1KFG project, we aim to sequence additional sampling of genomic diversity within keystone lineages of plant-interacting fungi and saprophytic fungi that are of special ecological importance for understanding terrestrial ecosystems. In addition, comparative genome analysis with saprotrophic, mycorrhizal and pathogenic fungi will provide new insights into the specific and conserved adaptations associated with each fungal lifestyle.

Researchers who wish to publish analyses using data from unpublished CSP genomes are respectfully required to contact the PI and JGI to avoid potential conflicts on data use and coordinate other publications with the CSP master paper(s).