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Please note that this organism is for archival use only. Please see the current Eremothecium gossypii ATCC 10895 site for the latest data and information.


The genome sequence and gene prediction of Ashbya gossypii were not determined by the JGI, but were downloaded from NCBI and have been published (pubmed: 15001715). Please note that this copy of the genome is not maintained by the author and is therefore not automatically updated. This copy of the genome does not include the mitochondrial chromosome or genes. The JGI Annotation Pipeline was used to add additional functional annotation to the author's chromosomes and proteins.

The Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland, in collaboration with Syngenta, completed the sequencing of the Eremothecium gossypii (aka Ashbya gossypii) strain ATCC 10895 nuclear and mitochondrial genomes in 2001. The nuclear genome is sequenced at approximately 4.2X coverage; regions of low quality are identified. This sequencing project was initiated when a high level of conservation of synteny between Eremothecium gossypii and Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which diverged from each other more than 100 million years ago, was discovered. Annotation of the Eremothecium gossypii genome revealed 4,718 protein-coding genes in the nuclear genome and eight in the mitochondrial genome. Over 90% of the Eremothecium gossypii genes share both homology and synteny with Saccharomyces cerevisiae genes. The majority of the Eremothecium gossypii genes occur in duplicate in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which is considered to be evidence that the evolution of Saccharomyces cerevisiaeincluded either a whole-genome duplication or a fusion of two related species.

Summary statistics for the Ashbya gossypii ATCC 10895 v1.0 release are below.
Genome Assembly
Genome Assembly size (Mbp} 9.10
Sequencing read coverage depth 4.2x
# of contigs 7
# of scaffolds 7
# of scaffolds >= 2Kbp 7
Scaffold N50 3
Scaffold L50 (Mbp) 1.52
# of gaps 0
% of scaffold length in gaps 0.0%
Three largest Scaffolds (Mbp) 1.84, 1.80, 1.52

Gene Models AGDModels
length (bp) of: average median
gene 1477 1224
transcript 1471 1221
exon 1390 1152
intron 103 63
protein length (aa) 490 407
exons per gene 1.06 1
# of gene models 4768

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This project was not sequenced at the JGI.