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Sporangiola forming at the apex of two sporangiophores, 2000x.
Image courtesy of Derreck Carter-House.
Sporangiola forming at the apex of two sporangiophores, 2000x. Image courtesy of Derreck Carter-House.

Benjaminella poitrasii, RSA 903, ATCC® 13844 is a dimorphic zygomycete fungus isolated from rat dung collected in southern California (USA) and Baja California (Mexico) . This species is a member of the family Mucoraceae and can be isolated from soil and dung (Benny and Benjamin, 1976; Benny et al., 1985; Kirk, 1989). Asexual reproduction of this fungus results in sporangiola on ornate, relatively long, curved and contorted pedicels from vesicles at the apex of the sporangiophore (Fig 1). Rich media allows B. poitrasii to transition from a hyphal form to a yeast phase via an “intermediate” stage (Cole et al. 1980). With sugar depletion or reduced sugar media the hyphal form is predominant. This fungus is homothallic and forms a rough-walled, dark zygosporangium enclosing a hyaline zygospore (Benny et al., 1985; Kirk, 1989). Eight chitin synthases have been detected in B. poitrasii (Chitnis et al. 2002). Sequencing of B. poitrasii will advance the 1000 Fungal Genome Project by providing additional insight into the evolution of early diverging fungi.


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