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Info • Blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici 96224


The genome sequence and gene prediction of Blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici 96224 have not been determined by the Joint Genome Institute (JGI), but were downloaded from NCBI on Sept 15, 2017. In order to allow comparative analyses with other fungal genomes sequenced by the JGI, a copy of this genome is incorporated into Mycocosm. Please note that this copy of the genome is not maintained by NCBI and is therefore not automatically updated. JGI tools were used to automatically annotate predicted proteins.

Summary statistics for the Blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici 96224 release are below.
Genome Assembly
Genome Assembly size (Mbp) 158.94
Sequencing read coverage depth 13.0x
# of contigs 21712
# of scaffolds 1867
# of scaffolds >= 2Kbp 1867
Scaffold N50 58
Scaffold L50 (Mbp) 0.76
# of gaps 19845
% of scaffold length in gaps 48.4%
Three largest Scaffolds (Mbp) 5.20, 2.96, 2.57

Gene Models ExternalModels
length (bp) of: average median
gene 1443 1174
transcript 1333 1068
exon 536 298
intron 75 55
protein length (aa) 444 356
exons per gene 2.49 2
# of gene models 6525

Genome Reference(s)


This project was not sequenced at the JGI.