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Photo of Calycina marina TRa3180A v1.0
Fruit bodies of Calycina marina on dead alga. Photo credit: Teppo Rämä, University of Tromsø - the Arctic University of Norway

Calycina marina is one of the few existing marine discomycetous ascomycetes. The species is widely distributed on the seashores of Scandinavia and Great Britain and grows on fronds of Fucales (Phaeophyceae) algae that have been washed ashore and lie decaying at high tide mark or further up on the beach (Baral and Rämä 2015). The fruit bodies are approximately 0.5 mm in size and vary in color from whitish cream and grey to orange. The habitat on decaying algal material indicates that the fungus produces enzymes that decompose complex algal biomass that makes Calycina marina a candidate species for algal-based biofuel production. The genome sequence is needed in ongoing biosystematics and applied research work focusing on marine fungal enzymes and bioactive natural products.


Baral, H.-O. and Rämä, T. (2015). Morphological update on Calycina marina (Pezizellaceae, Helotiales, Leotiomycetes), a new combination for Laetinaevia marina. Bot. Mar. 58, 523–534.

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