Info • Chaetomium globosum v1.0


The genome Chaetomium globosum was sequenced by the Broad Institute. For more information on the project please see the Broad Institute Chaetomium globosum Database. JGI Eukaryotic tools were setup to assist with manual curation and comparative analysis of thermophillic fungi.

The Chaetomium globosum assembly contains 34.9Mb and 11,124 predicted gene models with the following statistics:

Genome Assembly v1.0
Genome size(Mbp) 34.9
Sequencing read coverage depth 7x
Esimated # of contigs 2453
# of scaffolds 37
# of scaffolds >2 32
Scaffold N/L50 4/4.7 Mbp
Three largest Scaffolds (Mbp) 6.6
Gene Models v1.0
length (bp) of: average
gene 1,785
transcript 1,481
exon 475
intron 145
protein length (aa) 493
exons per gene 3.1
# of gene models 11.124
Density (Genes/Mbp) 319


ESTs Data set # sequences # mapped # not to mapped % mapped
ESTs Chagl_1_Ests_GenBank 1.557 1.314 243 84%


Genome Reference(s)


This project was not sequenced at the JGI.