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Photo of Chionosphaera cuniculicola CBS10063  v1.0

Chionosphaera is a heterobasidiomycetous genus charecterized by minute, pale, stipitate-capitate fruit bodies with gasteroid holobasidia and simple septate pores. The life cycle includes a yeast stage. Chionosphaera cuniculicola was identified as a conifer infesting bark beetle associated fungus in central Europe.

Chionosphaera cuniculicola is a member of Chionosphaeraceae family from the order Agaricostilbales (Pucciniomycotina), and was sequenced as part of the 1000 Fungal Genomes project. The 1000 Fungal Genomes Project aims fill in gaps in the Fungal Tree of Life by sequencing at least two reference genomes from the more than 500 recognized families of Fungi. This project additionally aims to inform research on plant-microbe interactions, microbial emission and capture of greenhouse gasses, and environmental metagenomic sequencing.



Kirschner, R., Begerow, D. and Oberwinkler, F. (2001) A new Chionosphaera species associated with conifer inhabiting bark beetles. Mycological Research. 105(11), 1403–1408.