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Photo of Clohesyomyces aquaticus v1.0
Clohesyomyces aquaticus CBS 115471 on YM agar plate.
Image Credit: Mark Butcher

Clohesyomyces aquaticus is a saprobic fungus that was originally isolated from submerged wood in the Clohesy River (Queensland, Australia). On a PDA agar plates, it is slow growing (~9  cm/week), appears woolly and grey, with large numbers  of  conidiomata developing, particularly  on the base  and  sides of the plate.

Clohesyomyces aquaticus is classified in the Dothideomycetes (Pleosporales, Lindgomycetaceae). Dothideomycetes is the largest and most diverse class of ascomycete fungi. It comprises 11 orders 90 families, 1300 genera and over 19,000 known species. This genome was sequenced as part of the 1000 Fungal Genomes Project.



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