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Photo of Coniochaeta ligniaria R110-5 v1.0
Sampling site following a wildfire that burned along the Colorado-Wyoming border. Credits: Amelia Nelson, Colorado State University

Soil samples were collected one-year following a wildfire that burned along the Colorado-Wyoming border in a low severity impacted area. To differentiate depth-resolved impacts of the disturbance on the soil microbiome, samples were collected from superficial, organic soils and deeper, mineral soils. Coupled metatranscriptomic data shows that two fungal bins - ColoR110_1 and ColoR113_1 - (derived from metagenomic sequencing) are highly active in the samples, and further study of these lineages will elucidate the function of fungi in a burned coniferous forest with potential implications for restoration efforts.

The metagenomic bins were extracted and assembled by the Wilkens lab using MEGAHIT v1.2.9, binned using METABAT version 2.12.1, and annotated with the JGI Annotation Pipeline.

Genome Reference(s)