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Coprinellus angulatus
Photo of Coprinellus angulatus. Photo credit: Tom Bruns.

Coprinellus angulatus (Peck) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo is an inky cap mushroom species in the Psathyrellaceae that is restricted to burnt environments. The name “angulatus” comes from the distinctive mitriform to heart-shaped spores. Its preference for burnt soils places it among a small set of Basidiomycota with similar pyrophilous habits. Other members of genus Coprinellus are typically found on rich organic soils, dung, or wood and are known to contain the ability to digest ligno-cellulose. The interaction of this species with “pyrolyzed” (partially burned) ligno-cellulose is of interest because these substrates are abundant in the post-fire soil environment and affect the long-term productivity and carbon storage on these sites.

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