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Cryptococcus curvatus ATCC 20509
Cryptococcus curvatus ATCC 20509.
Image credit: Timothy McKnight, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Cryptococcus curvatus ATCC 20509 is an oleaginous yeast strain capable of assimilating xylose, lactose, glucose, and sucrose, as well as a variety of agricultural and food processing wastes, as carbon sources. Lipid production in C. curvatus ATCC 20509 can be induced under nitrogen limiting conditions, and favors the synthesis of 18 carbon chain length fatty acids. The high utility of these fatty acids for the production of biofuels and other high value products, in tandem with the ability of C. curvatus ATCC 20509 to grow using low or negative cost feedstocks, makes it a potential candidate for use in industrial fermentation processes. The genomic sequence of C. curvatus ATCC 20509 provides a supplemental point of comparison in relation to other oleaginous yeasts for elucidating the genetic mechanisms underlying fatty acid synthesis profiles and the metabolic controls governing the enactment of oleaginous metabolism.

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