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Cryptodiaporthe sp. AZ0812 on 2% malt extract agar (MEA). photo credit: J. M. U'Ren.
Cryptodiaporthe sp. AZ0812 on 2% malt extract agar (MEA). photo credit: J. M. U'Ren.

Cryptodiaporthe sp. AZ0812 was isolated in culture from a surface-sterilized leaf of the angiosperm Quercus hypoleucoides (Fagaceae) in southwestern Arizona as part of a study examining endophytic and endolichenic fungal communities across North America (U’Ren et al., 2012). We identified this isolate as an unidentified species of Cryptodiaporthe (Pezizomycotina, Sordariomycetes, Diaporthales, Gnomoniaceae) using ITS-partial LSU rDNA sequencing. Although currently placed in the Gnomoniaceae, phylogenetic evidence suggests that Cryptodiaporthe may reside within the Cryphonectriaceae (Begoude et al., 2010, Crane & Burgess, 2013). Previously studied Cryptodiaporthe species are pathogens of woody plants (e.g., Cryptodiaporthe corni causing cankers on Cornus in the United States, and C. melanocraspeda on Banksia in Australia; Beier et al., 2015; Shearer & Crane, 2015). Beier et al. (2015) found evidence that the lifecycle of C. corni can include a latent endophytic stage in stems. As an endophyte, the genome of AZ0812 is especially useful for comparative genomic analyses to examine the evolution of fungal pathogenicity and virulence.

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