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Dacryonaema rufum on pine
Dacryonaema rufum, juvenile fruiting bodies growing on exposed pine wood in Finnmark, Northern Norway (collection Otto Miettinen 13492.1). [Photo credit: Otto Miettinen]

This genome was sequenced as part of the JGI CSP "1000 Fungal Genomes – Deep Sequencing of Ecologically-relevant Dikarya" project. Within the framework of this project, we are sequencing keystone lineages of saprophytic, mycorrhizal, and endophytic fungi that are of special ecological importance. Dozens of sequenced species were harvested from Long Term Observatories to serve as the foundation for a reference database for metagenomics of fungi and for a comprehensive survey of the soil fungal metatranscriptome.

Dacryonaema rufum OMC1653

Dacryonaema rufum is wood-decomposing fungus from the class Dacrymycetes (Basidiomycota). Its position within the order is unclear - it does not appear to be closely related to Dacrymyces s.s., Cerinomyces nor Unilacryma. The species is found widely in the boreal areas of the northern hemisphere, where it grows on dry coniferous wood. Its fruiting bodies are small, 1-2 mm tall, reddish brown stalks with small heads, so it is generally overlooked. Researchers who have searched for this species have found it relatively common in North Europe (e.g. Nannfeldt 1947). No one has studied its wood-decomposing ability in detail, but we can assume that it is a brown-rot fungus based on field notes and considering all studied Dacrymycetes have been revealed as brown-rotters.

The strain OMC1653, which is the basis of the genome sequence, is a polysporic culture originating in Helsinki, Finland, where it grew on weathered conifer planks in a park.

The 1KFG project is a large collaborative effort aiming for master publication(s). Please do contact the PI for 1KFG - Deep Sequencing of Ecologically-relevant Dikarya (Dr. Francis Martin) for permission prior to the use of any data in publications.


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