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Gyromitra esculenta
A younger specimen with a less wrinkled cap. Image from Wikipedia.
Ball and stick model of gyromitrin. Image from Wikipedia.

Gyromitra esculenta is a controversially edible member of the Discinaceae family of the order Pezizales. Mushroom experts classify it as a 'false morel', as it bears resemblance to true morels of the Morchellaceae family (e.g. Morchella conica and M. importuna). False morels may or may not be mycorrhizal, and may or may not be edible. Consumption of G. esculenta is controversial because many gourmet chefs regard it as delicious, and yet it produces gyromitrin (N′-Ethylidene-N-methylformohydrazide), a precursor to the toxic monomethylhydrazine.

The Gyromitra esculenta genome was sequenced as part of the 1000 Fungal Genomes Project.