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Home • Leucosporidiella creatinivora UCDFST 62-1032 v1.0
Photo of Leucosporidiella creatinivora UCDFST 62-1032 v1.0
Leucosporidiella creatinivora on YM.
Image Credit: Mark Butcher

The Leucosporidiella creatinivora genome was sequenced as part of the 1000 Fungal Genomes Project.

Leucosporidiella is a genus of fungi found in the family Leucosporidiaceae (Pucciniomycotina). Leucosporidiella creatinivora (Syn=Rhodotorula creatinivora) was originally isolated from permafrost soil in Siberia. It shows a yeast like growth with ellipsoid to ovoid cells with predominantly polar budding. The cultures are cream colored and butyrous or mucoid. Red, pink or orange pigments are not synthesized.

Genome Reference(s)