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Adult intestine 44 h postinoculation containing developing N. parisii spores. Photo by Emily Troemel. PLoS Biol 6(12): e309. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0060309

This genome was sequenced by the Broad Institute.

Description of Nematocida parisii ERTm1 is quoted from Broad page.

Nematocida parisii is an intracellular pathogen of wild-caught C. elegans. Based on a phylogeny of the rDNA small subunit, N. parisii belongs to a clade that includes Nosema (Antonospora) locustae, a parasite of grasshoppers. We have sequenced three isolates of N. parisii (ERTm1, ERTm2, and ERTm3) isolated from environmentally distinct hosts. ERTm1 (ATCC PRA-289) was collected in 2004 from wild C. elegans found in a compost pile in Franconville, France. ERTm3 was collected in 2004 from wild C. elegans found in a rotting apple in a park in Santeuil, France. A third strain, ERTm2, is from a related species provisionally named Nematocida sp1; it was collected in 2008 from wild C. briggsae from the Periyar Nature Reserve in Kerala India.



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