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Phialocephala scopiformis 22E1
Phialocephala scopiformis 22E1. Image courtesy of Dr. Allison Walker

Phialocephala scopiformis 22E1

Originally isolated in eastern Quebec, this conifer needle endophyte produces the potent anti-insectan metabolite rugulosin. Infected trees are more tolerant to spruce budworm, a serious insect pest of forests in northeastern US and eastern Canada. Spruce budworm damage results in profound habitat disturbance and reduces the sustainable wood supply. In recent years, millions of conifer seedlings in New Brunswick have been inoculated with this strain (and others from the Acadian forest) in production nurseries. Studies in nurseries and under field conditions demonstrate that the growth rate of the insect pest is reduced, thus exposing the larvae to increased disease and predation by birds, reducing the damage to the tree. This genomic data will be useful for decades to enable studies of fungal genome evolution, fungal genotyping, and host-endophyte evolutionary genomics.

Genome Reference(s)

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