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Podospora anserina growing in the lab.
Podospora anserina growing in the lab.
Image Credit: Ronald de Vries

Podospora anserine is a sordariomycete fungus that lives in a highly defined biotope, herbivore dung, as a late colonizer, which means that the main carbon source available to it is lignocellulose. Previous studies demonstrated a strong specialization in CAZy content for this species, with extended cellulose and xylan degrading machinery compared to Aspergillus niger, while the number of enzymes aimed at other plant polysaccharides (e.g. pectin and inulin) is reduced (Espagne et al., 2008). This correlated with good growth on cellulose and xylan, while growth on pectin and inulin is poor. The strain sequenced for this project is S mat+.

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