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Podospora australis
Podospora australis growing on artificial medium. Photo credit: Philippe Silar

Podospora australis PSN309 Minimal Draft

Podospora australis is a coprophilous fungus found in temperate and subtropical areas worldwide and belongs to the family Podosporaceae (1). It presents an interest for the drug industry since the discovery that this fungus produces anti-fungal compounds efficient against Cryptococcus (2). There is an ongoing proposal to change the type of Podospora, which will impact nomenclature of Podosporaceae (3). Pending resolution of the actual type for Podospora, the name Podospora australis has been retained for isolate PSN309. The sequenced strain of Podospora australis PSN309 was isolated from deer dung collected near the Parco Nazionale dell'Appennino in Italy.

Genome Reference(s)


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