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Podospora tetraspora perithecia growing on M2
Podospora tetraspora perithecia growing on M2 media. Photo credit: Philippe Silar.

Podospora tetraspora CBS 815.71 Minimal Draft

Podospora tetraspora (= Schizothecium tetrasporum) is a pseudo-homothallic fungus that typically produces four ascospores per ascus (1). This species is frequently found on rabbit dung (1), but strain CBS 815.71 was isolated from soil in Ashdown forest, England. The sequenced strain is a F1 homokaryotic progeny of the self-fertile strain CBS 815.71. It belongs to the family Schizotheciaceae.

Genome Reference(s)


(1) Bell, A. and D. P. Mahoney (1995). "Coprophilous Fungi in New Zealand. I. Podospora Species with Swollen Agglutinated Perithecial Hairs." Mycologia 87(3): 375-396.