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Russula sp. TAS8
Russula sp. TAS8 PSC4658 Philosopher Falls Track, Tasmania May 22, 2019. Image by David Catcheside.

Russula sp. TAS8 PSC4658

The genus Russula is large with more than 1600 species worldwide. Many form generally large and colourful mushroom-like fruiting bodies with brittle stems, while others are truffle-like, fruiting underground. They form ectomycorrhizal associations with trees, supplying the tree with minerals and water in return for products of photosynthesis. Russula sp. TAS8 PSC4658 is associated with the Southern Beech, Nothofagus cunninghamii, that dominates the climax vegetation in the wetter western regions of Tasmania. The collection was made on the old Philosopher’s Falls track in the Tarkine Forest in Tasmania as part of a project investigating the transition from mushroom-like fungi to truffle-like fungi. Comparison of the genomes of Russula sp. TAS8 PSC4658 with truffle-like Russulas is anticipated to help understand this transition toward a subterranean lifestyle which is believed to be an adaptation to a drying climate, a trait with economic potential in future forestry. We request that researchers wishing to publish analyses of this genome prior to its publication by the consortium to please email [email protected] and JGI for permission.