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Scheffersomyces lignicola CBS10612T. Image by Katharina de Oliveira Barros.
Scheffersomyces lignicola CBS10612T. Image by Katharina de Oliveira Barros.

Scheffersomyces lignicola was first isolated from samples of insect frass in Khao-Yai National Park, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand (1). It was previously described as an asexual species of the polyphyletic genus Candida, but based on multilocus phylogenetic analysis the genus Scheffersomyces was proposed to accommodate Sc. lignicola (1,2). In addition to the ability to ferment xylose, this species is able to assimilate and ferment cellobiose (3). This is interesting because this sugar is a competitive inhibitor of cellulases and impairs the saccharification process of lignocellulosic materials in ethanol fuel production (3, 4).    

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