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The cultures of Scytinostroma sp. KUC9413. Grown at 25℃ on MEA (left) and PDA (right). Photo by Joo-Hyun Hong (Korea University)

Within the 1000 Fungal Genomes project, the genome of Scytinostroma sp. KUC9335, the Scytinostroma unknown species found in Korea (East Asia), has been sequenced. This species is still not identified morphologically or phylogenetically, but it is monophyletic with Scytinotroma species. This species was rarely found in Korea. It is a resupinate and corticioid fungus. The Scytinostroma genus has many species but it has not been investigated phylogenetically. The phylogenetic examination shows that Lachnocladiaceae family of Scytinostroma locates on close phylogenetic relationship with Peniophoraceae family that Peniophora species belong.