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Photo of Thamnocephalis sphaerospora RSA 1356 single-cell v1.0
Left: Clumps of sporangia and hyphae of Thamnocephalis. Right: Round target cells of parasite. (photo credit: Timothy James, University of Michigan)

Thamnocephalis sphaerospora RSA 1356 (Sigmoideomycetaceae: Zoopagomycotina) is the only member so far for the family Sigmoideomycetaceae. Like Piptocephalis, it can be cultured as a mycoparasite on other fungi, in this case on Cokeromyces (a Mucoralean). It is believed to be only a weak parasite that does not make haustoria.

T. sphaerospora represents one of many diverse taxa that are of high interest for the 1000 Fungal Genomes project. It has been selected as part of a Fungal single-cell genome sequencing pilot project.

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