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Photo of Tilletiopsis albescens v1.0
Tilletiopsis albescens NRRL 17547 on M-ME. Image by Mark Butcher.

Tilletiopsis albescens NRRL 17547 is a member of the Ustilaginomycotina (Basidiomycota). Species of Tilletiopsis are typically found in the phylloplane and tend to increase in abundance in the presence of other fungi, suggesting that many of them may be mycoparasites (Knudsen & Skou, 1993). Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that T. albescens is capable of acting as an effective biocontrol agent for powery mildew (Knudsen & Skou, 1993). T. albescens was sequenced as part of the 1000 fungal genomes project.



KNUDSEN, INGE, and J. P. Skou. "The effectivity of Tilletiopsis albescens in biocontrol of powdery mildew." Annals of applied biology 123.1 (1993): 173-185.