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T. atroviride  strain B10 grown on PDA (25° C,  5 days).
T. atroviride strain B10 grown on PDA (25° C, 5 days).
Photo courtesy of: G. Manganiello, University of Naples Federico II, Italy.

Trichoderma atroviride strain B10 was produced by protoplast fusion of two Trichoderma belonging to different species, with the aim of combining multiple desirable characters in a single strain. Under standard growth conditions (PDA, 25°C and light exposure), strain B10 grows rapidly. Conidiation appears dense and radial, initially with a yellowish pigmentation that becomes a dark seaweed green over time. In biological assays on different plants (monocots and dicots) and against multiple fungal pathogens, B10 demonstrated a better performance than its parents in increasing seed germination rate, in promoting plant growth, and triggering plant defense responses to soil-borne and aerial phytopathogens.