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Tribi1 - Ascomata with setae
Trichodelitschia bisporula CBS H-18859 - Ascomata with setae
Tribi1 - Ascospores
Trichodelitschia bisporula CBS H-18859 - Ascospores

Trichodelitschia bisporula CBS 262.69 is a coprophilous ascomycete, originally isolated in 1969 from rabbit dung in the Netherlands. T. bisporula has additionally been isolated from cattle, sheep, and deer dung (Richardson, 2001). T. bisporula is a Dothideomycete from the Phaeotrichaceae family with a genome size of 25.79 Mb. This genome was sequenced as part of the 1000 Fungal Genomes Project and will be used for comparative purposes.

Genome Reference(s)

Richardson, Michael J. "Diversity and occurrence of coprophilous fungi." Mycological Research 105.04 (2001): 387-402.