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Photo of Trichoderma rossicum M135 v1.0
Top: Macroscopic aspect of T. rossicum grown on Potato-dextrose agar (PDA), with two insets showing the mycelia, the conidiophores, and conidia. Bottom: Microcopic aspect of T. rossicum conidiophore and conidia (scanning electron microscopy image) (Credits: Saskia Bindschedler, Pilar Junier).

Trichoderma rossicum M135 was sequenced as part of the Departmemt of Energy project “Bacterial-Fungal Interactions and Their Role in Soil Functioning” which aims at exploring the taxonomic and functional breadth of the fungal microbiome, as well as examining signatures of genome adaptations in bacterial:fungal interactions.

In this project, we are sequencing the genome of fungal species that establish particular interactions with soil bacteria. Trichoderma rossicum was isolated from a soil sample originating from Cameroon with the procedure described in Bravo et al. (1). Briefly, the isolation system consisted in a Petri dish used upside down in order to promote the isolation of fungi used as fungal highways by bacteria in soils (2, 3).


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