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Get Dna

The Get Dna page enables the user to download JGI sequence data. The sequence is downloaded in FASTA format, preceeded with a "carat string" such as:

>Emihu1 scaffold_1:66001-166000 5'pad=0 3'pad=0 strand=+

The format and position of the downloaded sequence can be customized using the form described below.

Position: The DNA segment to be downloaded, specified in the following format:

  • (name of the scaffold or chromosome):(start position)-(end position)

Sequence Formatting options: Sequences can be downloaded in as

  • All upper-case.
  • All lower case.
  • Unchanged. This option will preserve capitalization as it appears in the assembly files. In the case of RepeatMasked assemblies, predicted repeats are displayed in lower-case.

Reverse: Download the sequence in 3' to 5' order.

Padding 5': Start the sequence from this number of bases before the 5' start position.

Padding 3': End the sequence this number of bases after the 3' end position.

Letters per Line: The number of bases between "newline" characters.

Display Coordinates: Show genomic coordinates to the right and left of each line of base.

Display Ruler: Show a "ruler" marking every tenth bases with a colon underneath each line.

Quick Tip

  • Click View to preview your download file and verify your selected position and formatting options. Then click Download to download the file.