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Viewing Gene Products

You can see a list of the predicted gene products in the JGI genome that are assigned to a particular GO term and its children. You can also view the Protein pages for the gene products and download the sequences.

Quick Tip

  • To view gene products assigned to a term, from the table, click the number in a column row after the term.

The Gene Products page includes the following:

  1. A text search
  2. The term's lineage
  3. Gene Products

The Term's Lineage

A tree showing the term and its parent relationships but no children.

Gene Products

These are grouped by the GO terms to which they are assigned. They include:

  • Gene symbol (e.g., C_1090047) JGI's name for the gene product. If the gene was predicted by another center, the name is the one assigned by that center.
  • Links Links to the gene's Protein page (P) and the annotation area for the gene (A) and the locus (L).
  • JGI DB The name of the assembly version in which the gene product is predicted.
  • Quality The abbreviated evidence type used to associate the gene product with the term.
  • All Xref A list of external references for the association of the gene product with the term

In the Links column, click on:

  • P to see the Protein page for a gene product.
  • A to see the annotation area for a gene product (if it is active).
  • L to see the annotation area for a locus (if it is active).

Quick Tip

  • To see a Gene Products page for a child term under which gene products are listed, click the term's GO ID number.

Download options

  • Proteins Download protein sequences for all the checked gene products
  • Transcripts Download nucleotide sequences for all the checked gene products
  • Check All Select all gene products currently shown
  • Uncheck All Deselect all gene products currently shown