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The GO Browser

The Genome Portal includes a tool for browsing through the Gene Ontology (GO) and finding genes related to GO terms. GO arranges biological terms under three organizing principles, or ontologies. Each of these is the top level of a deep hierarchical structure of terms. The structures are technically not true hierarchies (they are directed acyclic graphs) in that they allow a child to have more than one parent. Specific gene products are assigned to the terms at various levels in the ontologies.

Aspect Definition Examples

Molecular Function

the tasks performed by individual gene products

carbohydrate binding, ATPase activity

Biological Process

broad biological goals that are accomplished by ordered assemblies of molecular functions

Mitosis, purine metabolism

Cellular Component

subcellular structures, locations, and macromolecular complexes

nucleus, telomere, origin recognition complex


Using the GO browser, you can:

  1. browse through terms and gene products
  2. search for terms
  3. view gene products

Select Model Set(s)

With the GO browser you can analyze individual or multiple gene model sets by selecting one or more from the menu (see below).

To search an individual gene model set in GO, click to select an item in the Select Model Set(s) to View menu and click the apply button. The page will refresh to display your selection.

Or, to search multiple gene model sets, hold down Ctrl key (on the PC) or Cmd key (on the Mac) and click the model sets you wish to view (see below), then click the apply button. The page will refresh to display your selection.