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Searching GO

To do a normal search:

  1. Type a query (e.g., glycocalyx for a term name or 30112 for a term accession number) in the Search GO text box.
  2. Select whether to search under Term Name or Term Accession (GO ID).
  3. Click Quick Search.

If you selected multiple gene model sets, your search results will include a "Gene Models in" results column for each selection.

The search results show:

  • Accession The GO ID, for all selected model sets.
  • Name The name of the GO term, for all selected model sets.
  • Type The GO ontology in which the term was found, for all selected model sets.
  • Gene Models in The number of gene products found in each of the model sets being searched.

Quick Tips:

  • To see the tree view for a result, click the GO ID in the "Accession" column.
  • To see the Gene Products page for a result, click the number in the "Gene Models in" column.