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Links to Alternative Views

Depending on the organism you are viewing, you will see several links below the ontology, InterPro, and annotation information.

  • Annotate this protein This takes you to the Transcript Annotation tool, which displays annotation information for the gene. If you are a registered annotator , you can annotate the genome with information about the gene you are viewing

    View nucleotide and 3-frame translation This link opens the Gene Sequence Viewer, which allows you to view the nucleotide sequence and the amino acid sequences for the three possible reading frames in the plus direction.

  • To Genome Browser This link opens the Genome Browser with the gene you are viewing highlighted in yellow. This is a convenient way to keep a specific gene accessible while browsing through genomes.

  • NCBI blastp This link opens the NCBI form for a protein-protein BLAST for the gene of interest.

  • Predicted number of transmembrane domains This line shows the total number of transmembrane domains predicted to occur in the protein coded by the gene. The text links to a transmembrane domain graph, showing probabilities that segments of the protein lie inside, outside, or within the membrane.