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Customizing the Protein Page Display

Use the customization filter to view a certain number of hits, only hits from a specific group of organisms, or only hits from a specific database.

  • Taxonomy menu shows a list of taxonomic classifications. Control-click or command-click to choose more than one classification. Listed below the dotted line are organisms that have alignments with the translated gene. Select the dotted line to retrieve the hits from all organisms.

  • Database menu shows a list of databases used to obtain alignments. Click a single database name to limit the search to data from that one. To view results from a few databases, control-click or command-click more than one. Click and drag across all the database names to select them all.

  • Hits textbox shows the number of alignments displayed. By default, this is set to 10. You can type another number to see more or fewer alignments at one time.

  • Align Width sets the number of pixels used horizontally to display each track. Entering a larger number can be helpful, for example, if the gene track is cluttered with overlapping intron and exon length numbers.

  • Rt Margin sets the width of the image area to the right of the protein tracks. Making this number larger can make it easier to see the full description of a track.

Quick Tip

  • To view the display with your customizations, click the Apply Filter button.