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Protein Hit Tracks


The hit tracks on the Protein page include the following features:

imageThe JGI-predicted gene (plus strand), showing lengths in base pairs of predicted exons (red rectangles) and introns (black lines). Blue rectangles mark untranslated regions, or UTRs (noncoding exons). The numbers immediately above the track are exon lengths; those below, intron lengths. The first and last bases are numbered in the upper left and upper right. To view the nucleotide sequence, click the gene to open the Gene Sequence Viewer.

imageA scale showing the numbering of amino acid residues across the length of the protein sequence derived from the gene.

imageDomain structures in the InterPro database that have alignments (orange rectangles) with the translated gene. To collapse these into one additive track (showing alignments with any of the previously displayed InterPro entities), click the - to the left of the first InterPro track. The text for each track links to the European Bioinformatics Institute's InterPro web page for records with that InterPro ID. The text displays the InterPro ID number, a description of the InterPro entity, and in brackets, the algorithm used to determine the match.

imageThe protein sequence derived from the predicted gene, with black lines marking splice junctions. To view the entire amino acid sequence in FASTA format, click anywhere on the green track.

Alignments (grey rectangles) of proteins from external databases with the translated gene. The Protein Alignment Tracks are active areas that can be used to retrieve alignment details, switch to a flipped view, or link to external web sites.