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Scaffold Info

scaffold info

The Scaffold Info page offers basic information about the scaffold you are browsing and allows you to view specific sequences. The table shows the following information for each sequence or gap:

  • Sequence An identifier for the sequence, such as a scaffold or contig number; a link to view its sequence with the Scaffold Sequence Viewer.
  • Start The number of the first base in the scaffold, contig, or gap.
  • End The number of the last base in the scaffold, contig, or gap.
  • Length The length in base pairs of the scaffold, contig, or gap.

Quick Tip

  • To view a specific section of the scaffold with the Scaffold Sequence Viewer, enter the desired start and end points in the Start and End text boxes, and click Get Sequence.
  • To view the sequence of a different scaffold, change the scaffold number in the Sequence text box and click Get Sequence. From the Scaffold Sequence viewer for the new scaffold, you can click the scaffold number to go to its Scaffold Info page.