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Video Tutorials

MycoCosm is a web-based fungal genomics resource, which integrates genomics data and analysis tools to navigate through fungal genomes sequenced at JGI and elsewhere. This resource allows users to explore fungal genomes in the context of both comparative genomics and genome-centric analysis, and promotes user community participation in data submission, annotation and analysis.

The following video tutorials will guide you through the basic tools of the MycoCosm genome portal:

  1. MycoCosm Introduction (WebM)
  2. MycoCosm Introduction (MP4)
  3. MycoCosm Introduction (Theora)
  4. MycoCosm Introduction (Old)
  5. Genome Browser (WebM)
  6. Genome Browser (MP4)
  7. Genome Browser (Theora)
  8. Genome Browser (Old)
  9. Protein Page (WebM)
  10. Protein Page (MP4)
  11. Protein Page (Theora)
  12. Protein Page (Old)
  13. Functional Annotation Browsers: KOG/GO/KEGG (WebM)
  14. Functional Annotation Browsers: KOG/GO/KEGG (MP4)
  15. Functional Annotation Browsers: KOG/GO/KEGG (Theora)
  16. Functional Annotation Browsers: KOG/GO/KEGG (Old)

These videos may not viewable in Windows Media Player. If you are using Windows please use the IE9 or Chrome11 web browsers. Alternatively, you may right click on the link to download the video and play it using either QuickTime or VLC.

You can right-click on the links and save them, if you want to view the tutorials off-line.

Additional tutorials and instructions for registered and advanced users are coming soon.