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Caulochytrium protostelioides
The sporangia of Caulochytrium (circles) attached to the hyphae of Sordaria, along with slipper shaped flagellated zoospores. Image credit: Olive L.S. (1983)

Caulochytrium protostelioides is a mycoparasite of Sordaria and represents an unsampled lineage on the Fungal tree of life. Other species in the genus are known as parasites of Cladosporium. The fungus is zoosporic and uniflagellate, and is notable among other zoosporic fungi because it produces aerially dispersed sporangia (Olive 1983).

C. protostelioides is a part of a Fungal single-cell genome sequencing pilot project. However, this genome was not sequenced using single-cell methods. A separate annotation, "Caulochytrium protostelioides ATCC 52028 single-cell", was produced using single-cell methods.

Genome Reference(s)


  • Olive, LS. A new variety of Caulochytrium protostelioides. Mycologia. 1983. 75(5):923-926.