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Photo of Chaetomium thermophilum var thermophilum DSM 1495
Species tree with related MycoCosm species.

The genome sequence and gene prediction of Chaetomium thermophilum var thermophilum DSM 1495 have not been determined by the Joint Genome Institute (JGI), but were downloaded from NCBI on October 31, 2018. In order to allow comparative analyses with other fungal genomes sequenced by the JGI, a copy of this genome is incorporated into Mycocosm. Please note that this copy of the genome is not maintained by NCBI and is therefore not automatically updated. JGI tools were used to automatically annotate predicted proteins.

Chaetomium thermophilum (class Sordariomycetes, family Chaetomiaceae) is a filamentous ascomycete found in soil, dung, or rotting plants. It is capable of thriving at temperatures of up to 60°C, and contributes significantly to the breakdown of cellulose with a high-temperature decompostation phase (>55°C).

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