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Ontology, InterPro, and Annotation Information


These include information from the Gene Ontology database (GO) for each conserved InterPro domain. For each of GO's three aspects, you see the GO identification number and standardized GO description for any InterPro record that matches the gene of interest and is associated with that aspect of biology.

Quick Tip

  • To retrieve information about proteins with the same GO ID in the GO Browser, click a GO ID .

Interpro Id, Interpro Desc

These include the InterPro ID and a description for each hit against the InterPro database.

KOG GROUP, Id, Class, Desc, and view details

These include information about assignments from the euKaryotic Orthologous Groups (KOG) database. The KOG group, identification number (ID), and classification of the JGI-predicted protein are shown along with the KOG description for that ID.

Quick Tips

  • To view details for all proteins with this KOG ID in the KOG browser, click the KOG ID .
  • To open the KOG browser and see the information for all proteins in this classification, click the classification name .
  • To see a KOG page detailing how genes from other genomes fit into this KOG classification, click view details.

User Annotations

If an annotation has been made to the JGI genome for the gene, you will see three fields:

  • User The name of the user who provided the annotation
  • Name The name the annotator assigned the gene
  • Description The annotator's description of the gene.
  • DefLine